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Toyota Sunrader

One of the best Toyota Motorhomes ever thought out!

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Fiberglass shell

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Some have lasted over 40 years due to fiberglass construction

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Example Frame

Sunrader vehicles and parts for sale! Have one for sale? Contact us!

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1985 Sunrader - Sold

Ready to go camping - wood floors, additional rear rack storage etc!

1978 Sunrader - Sold!

Nice little Sunrader with a hitch for towing something small. Peppy and ready to go - Non-bathroom model

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Hey there, You’ve visited this site because you might want more information about the Toyota Sunrader RV.  I will be adding content to this site soon and will dedicate this site to the Toyota Sunrader owner.
If you have a Sunrader […]

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Pre-clean 1987 Sunrader video